Advertising 180AD

9 Oct

A couple of weeks back me and my boyfriend went to a roman amphitheatre in Caerleon,which isnt far from the university. I really enjoyed it there, it was like i could imagine what the gladiators/slaves would have felt before they entered the arena, we read all the information on the arena and really got i feel for the place, my boyfriend mentioned i should watch Gladiator. I saw the DVD today and decided to buy it, i thought it was a really good film it made me cry at the end, but it was well worth buying. 
where-the-gladiators-would-enter.JPGdscf0071.JPGamplethitear.JPG    After i finished watching the film i looked it up on the internet, I came across the site and i found an intresting piece of information refering to advertising; There’s another historical reference that didn’t make the transition from the written word to the big screen, and I can see why. In the script, Maximus did a product endorsement for Olive Oil in the ancient Roman City and had his name plastered on billboards across Italy, but this might not be as far off as you may think. Today, in our sophisticated society that has seemingly evolved so far, we find ourselves surrounded by famous people pushing products, and this is actually how it all began.I couldnt belive there would be advertising around in the roman era, i dont know why, they were intelligent highly sophistocated people, but the thought of soul sucking advertisers corrupting people from this time just surprised me. Naive of me i suppose, it seems advertising is one of the most secure jobs out there. From growing up in the 21st century i cant imagine a world without advertising, how good would it be to have no adverts (although some are good pieces of design themselves), to open a magazine and not have a bunch of flyers land on your lap, to do away with spam and junk mail? That would be my ideal world lets bring it back to basics.We were asked to consider sustainability in the 21st Century, i think banning all advertising would be a good start.


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