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Innocent’s big knit!

30 Nov

I was in Sainsburys today, and as I was looking in the refrigerator section, I looked up and saw a little army of bobble headed Innocent smoothies. They all looked so cute all wrapped up against the cold! So of course I had to buy one; 1. Because of the hat and 2. Because Innocent make great smoothies.innocent-smothies.png 

But on a more serious note, they have been produced not (just?) as a clever marketing campaign, but to help raise money for the charity Age concern. When you buy a smoothie with a cute hat, (which by the way are only available in Sainsburys,) 50p goes straight to Age concern, which in turn, will use the money to help support the elderly against the cold. It’s a really beneficial cause with 25,000 elderly dying from cold related illnesses last year. Their target is to sell 400,00 smoothies, this is equivalent to raising £200,000. Not bad eh?

I think its a lovely idea, the design is really appropriate to the cause. Can I say this is design with some ethics? Ok so Innocent are going to be making money out of this campaign, but it does have a purpose which is not purely selfish. 

Enough of me; I suggest you check out Innocent’s big knit, have a look at “hats of the week” some people have really gone to town with their hats, there are some fab designs featured. There’s also a page on “how to Knit“. Definitely worth a look. 


All images from Innocent and flickr


Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen

29 Nov

Today my dad said to me I should listen to everyone’s free to wear sunscreen, so I put it on expecting it to be some out of date 80’s tune. But I was completely wrong. If you haven’t heard this song before, I strongly recommend that you have a listen. Whatever your doing stop it. Just sit and listen. (Something we all don’t do enough of anymore.)  I know I may get quizzed by my lecturer’s as to why this has anything to do with this course, but to me this is inspirational. It makes me think, it effects my mood. Yes looking at great graphics makes me proud to be in this field, and makes me want to strive to be as good as the designers who produce the work. But sometimes the most unrelated subjects inspire me more than looking at a design book, does this mean I’m going to be a rubbish designer? Is this wrong? If it is, then on this occasion I’m happy to be in the wrong! 


16 Nov

Today me and my sister went into Bristol to take some Photographs. On the way home we decided to go to @Bristol. This a interactive science centre, aimed more for children than adults, although it was definitely the highlight of our day! We really enjoyed all the experiments, and i think we both learnt something.outside-bristoljpg.jpg Outside of @Bristol (dock side.)   Whilst we were there, we spotted a board which said “What do you dream of?” and on the board were lots of scraps of paper which contained the dreams of visitors of @Bristol, it was a really nice personal exhibit to find. We added our dreams and really enjoyed reading the dreams of others. Below are a few pictures i took of the display…board.png me-cheese.pngAnonymous dream                    My Dream   

The Future’s Bright…

14 Nov

I’ve always been a fan of Orange, from a design sense anyway. I love their use of Helvetica, the brand identity, and their tv advertisments. And today I stumbled across this.


The site is really intresting, it feels like your scrolling down the page forever, and all the animations are interactive; its a really fun piece. Worth a look.

Fly posting

13 Nov

Ok so after much deliberation I have finally chose what I want to cover for my double page spread. Horray!
Well firstly I was looking at banning all advertising and looking at how it would effect the world, then I thought to myself thats going to be a very broad subject. But I started researching into it, then got really messy and complicated as there was so much information to digest.
So i’m going to forget about that idea, and now i’m going to look at Fly posting, and how it effects the enviroment from both a visual and a more serious sustainable approch. Its much more concentrated, than my first idea, which will make it a lot easier for me to focus on, and get the work done.
I think this could be a good theme to run with, at first I thought boring, but in the future if I become a designer i’m sure i’ll have penty of boring briefs given to me, its my job to spice things up a bit surely? How good this looks is down to me, not the content of the article, well thats how i’m trying to think about it anyway. So now I have my idea properly fixed I can really get on with it.
I’m thinking of trying if I can to maybe get involved with fly posting I could go undercover perhaps! Or even work with some people who are trying to get rid of it, talk to the council ect, although I think a trip to Bristol is needed, as theres not a hudge problem of flyposting in our town.
There’s so many ideas in my head, I dont know if i’m going to have enough time to implement them all as I need to get the layout for the magazine sorted out. Looks like i’m going to be a busy lady!

You have mail.

9 Nov

I saw this envelope laying on my dads desk. I think its great! I love it when I see something (whatever it may be) and it makes me stop in my tracks and look at it, it doesnt happen very often, but when it does I think to myself; this is why I’m taking a design course, its exciting!

I love the silhouettes of the figures behind the plastic film of the envlope, because they are encased in a window; it reminds me of a seen at a strip club or something similar mabye, with the models hidden behind a screen with just the silhouettes showing, peep show? Hmm getting a little carried away I think. The plastic is a nice feature, I would defiantly think about including in my magazine design, I like the whole “composition” if I can call it that? It has a minamilist simplistic quality just like I hope to achieve with my magazine.


The letter inside the envelop is about a pension plan, i never would have thought anything even relatively intresting, (design wise) would feature on a pension plan.

Wookey Hole

8 Nov

Today me and Chris went to Wookey hole caves. Suituated near Wells in Somerset.

It was a nice day out, the caves were beautiful; I’ve posted some pictures I found on Flickr, your not allowed to take any photos in the caves itself anymore.
We went on the tour, and learnt about all the iron age settlers who inhabited the caves for 600 years, and of course the witch of the cave who was turned to stone along with her pet dog. Well as the myth says.
It was really intresting to listen to the stories and the facts about the caves, I love history nearly as much as graphics, so I personally really enjoyed this tour. One of my favourite parts of the tour was when the guide demonstrated how good the acoustics were in the cave, and played some classical music, that was fantastic it sounded amazing and filled the whole chamber we were in, I would visit the caves just to hear that music again. Its strange how music can effect your mood so much.

The whole trip was really inspiring to me personally, because of my love for history. I was thinking of those tribes of iron age men an women and how there life mmust have been hard, but i wondered if they would of been happier than we are today? The planet would not be in such a mess if we had stayed living the way they did, i know we evolved but to what? Technolgy is certainly far far far more advanced, but the people, the newsheadlines of people being murdered everyday, we havent evolved much from the “un civilised man.” I wonder where we’ll be in 50 years from now? Back living in caves or on the moon perhaps? Who knows predicting the futures a mugs game!