Wookey Hole

8 Nov

Today me and Chris went to Wookey hole caves. Suituated near Wells in Somerset.

It was a nice day out, the caves were beautiful; I’ve posted some pictures I found on Flickr, your not allowed to take any photos in the caves itself anymore.
We went on the tour, and learnt about all the iron age settlers who inhabited the caves for 600 years, and of course the witch of the cave who was turned to stone along with her pet dog. Well as the myth says.
It was really intresting to listen to the stories and the facts about the caves, I love history nearly as much as graphics, so I personally really enjoyed this tour. One of my favourite parts of the tour was when the guide demonstrated how good the acoustics were in the cave, and played some classical music, that was fantastic it sounded amazing and filled the whole chamber we were in, I would visit the caves just to hear that music again. Its strange how music can effect your mood so much.

The whole trip was really inspiring to me personally, because of my love for history. I was thinking of those tribes of iron age men an women and how there life mmust have been hard, but i wondered if they would of been happier than we are today? The planet would not be in such a mess if we had stayed living the way they did, i know we evolved but to what? Technolgy is certainly far far far more advanced, but the people, the newsheadlines of people being murdered everyday, we havent evolved much from the “un civilised man.” I wonder where we’ll be in 50 years from now? Back living in caves or on the moon perhaps? Who knows predicting the futures a mugs game!


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