You have mail.

9 Nov

I saw this envelope laying on my dads desk. I think its great! I love it when I see something (whatever it may be) and it makes me stop in my tracks and look at it, it doesnt happen very often, but when it does I think to myself; this is why I’m taking a design course, its exciting!

I love the silhouettes of the figures behind the plastic film of the envlope, because they are encased in a window; it reminds me of a seen at a strip club or something similar mabye, with the models hidden behind a screen with just the silhouettes showing, peep show? Hmm getting a little carried away I think. The plastic is a nice feature, I would defiantly think about including in my magazine design, I like the whole “composition” if I can call it that? It has a minamilist simplistic quality just like I hope to achieve with my magazine.


The letter inside the envelop is about a pension plan, i never would have thought anything even relatively intresting, (design wise) would feature on a pension plan.


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