Fly posting

13 Nov

Ok so after much deliberation I have finally chose what I want to cover for my double page spread. Horray!
Well firstly I was looking at banning all advertising and looking at how it would effect the world, then I thought to myself thats going to be a very broad subject. But I started researching into it, then got really messy and complicated as there was so much information to digest.
So i’m going to forget about that idea, and now i’m going to look at Fly posting, and how it effects the enviroment from both a visual and a more serious sustainable approch. Its much more concentrated, than my first idea, which will make it a lot easier for me to focus on, and get the work done.
I think this could be a good theme to run with, at first I thought boring, but in the future if I become a designer i’m sure i’ll have penty of boring briefs given to me, its my job to spice things up a bit surely? How good this looks is down to me, not the content of the article, well thats how i’m trying to think about it anyway. So now I have my idea properly fixed I can really get on with it.
I’m thinking of trying if I can to maybe get involved with fly posting I could go undercover perhaps! Or even work with some people who are trying to get rid of it, talk to the council ect, although I think a trip to Bristol is needed, as theres not a hudge problem of flyposting in our town.
There’s so many ideas in my head, I dont know if i’m going to have enough time to implement them all as I need to get the layout for the magazine sorted out. Looks like i’m going to be a busy lady!


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