Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen

29 Nov

Today my dad said to me I should listen to everyone’s free to wear sunscreen, so I put it on expecting it to be some out of date 80’s tune. But I was completely wrong. If you haven’t heard this song before, I strongly recommend that you have a listen. Whatever your doing stop it. Just sit and listen. (Something we all don’t do enough of anymore.)  I know I may get quizzed by my lecturer’s as to why this has anything to do with this course, but to me this is inspirational. It makes me think, it effects my mood. Yes looking at great graphics makes me proud to be in this field, and makes me want to strive to be as good as the designers who produce the work. But sometimes the most unrelated subjects inspire me more than looking at a design book, does this mean I’m going to be a rubbish designer? Is this wrong? If it is, then on this occasion I’m happy to be in the wrong! 


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