Innocent’s big knit!

30 Nov

I was in Sainsburys today, and as I was looking in the refrigerator section, I looked up and saw a little army of bobble headed Innocent smoothies. They all looked so cute all wrapped up against the cold! So of course I had to buy one; 1. Because of the hat and 2. Because Innocent make great smoothies.innocent-smothies.png 

But on a more serious note, they have been produced not (just?) as a clever marketing campaign, but to help raise money for the charity Age concern. When you buy a smoothie with a cute hat, (which by the way are only available in Sainsburys,) 50p goes straight to Age concern, which in turn, will use the money to help support the elderly against the cold. It’s a really beneficial cause with 25,000 elderly dying from cold related illnesses last year. Their target is to sell 400,00 smoothies, this is equivalent to raising £200,000. Not bad eh?

I think its a lovely idea, the design is really appropriate to the cause. Can I say this is design with some ethics? Ok so Innocent are going to be making money out of this campaign, but it does have a purpose which is not purely selfish. 

Enough of me; I suggest you check out Innocent’s big knit, have a look at “hats of the week” some people have really gone to town with their hats, there are some fab designs featured. There’s also a page on “how to Knit“. Definitely worth a look. 


All images from Innocent and flickr


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