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Ho Ho Ho…

7 Dec

After we put up our Christmas tree we took a few pictures of it, I don’t know why really, we do it every year, they all look the same sort of. So anyway I thought I would take one just to use as my phones background, then I got a little creative taking pictures using my phone. I was really surprised at the amount of beautiful images that could be taken from one object, amazing! I thought I’d post a couple up for you all to see. ball-reflection.png All images taken using a 3mega pixel camera phone. 3-tree-balls.png 


Merry Christmas

1 Dec

I had decided to post a real christmassy advert for the first post of December. I was thinking of posting the coca cola advert (the classic one), because I thought it just sums up christmas.Then as I was searching on you tube, I found the Mastercard xmas advert. (show below) 

I personally love this advert, it reminds me of what christmas is all about. It gives me a warm felling and goosebumps and brings a tear to my eye.  song: come home – findlay brown