Creative review:Micheal C Place

1 Jan

I borrowed a copy of Creative review from the library today. (August 2007 issue.) I was reading the article “A month in the life.” For this issue, the article was on Michael C Place; a graphic designer who is self employed under the design consultancy Build.


Cd case designed by Build. 

I was reading through the diary entry’s, I came across this from Michael;  “I love seeing the beauty in objects/places that to most people, are ugly or ignored. I think that’s the job of the designer, reacting to the environment, seeing beneath the crap of everyday life, seeing the beauty below.” He then continues on to say; “Someone asked me the other day what my other passions are and I couldn’tthink of a single thing other than design, and it made me really depressed…Is it important to have an outside interest?… should I/we be getting out more? Michael C Place.  

I think it is so important for designers to have interests other than just design. This is just my personal opinion though, I have no experience when it comes to working in the “real world,” please forgive me if I come across as-if i know it all, because I most certainly don’t! I see it now with designers being really up their own asses and acting as though they know it all, some have such a high opinion of their-self’s. It makes me so sad, how can they have that attitude? How can they be so ignorant and self absorbed? The only thing which comforts me is the saying “pride comes before a fall.”   

I really never want to become this type of arrogant designer ever! Bear with me this does have a point, so for me having interests out of the design world, such as cinema every Wednesday with my girlfriends, ice skating, dance, going down the pub with friends for a good catch up, or lunch with the parents. These things make me very happy and in turn make me produce better work, I personally need this kind of grounding, and I know my friends would knock me down a peg or two if I got cocky. I find having these interests invaluable to me, they bring me more inspiration than I would find looking at a screen, they bring a lifetime of happy memories, they give me a break from the consuming world of design and keep me from being “THAT” designer. And if nothing else it makes me a better communicator and is that not what design is all about? weston.jpg 

Home; so many memories, this is what makes me a better designer. 



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