Let it snow….

3 Jan
Where’s all this snow then? I remember watching the weather report a few days ago and getting really excited when I saw weather warnings for heavy snow. I have been truly disappointed to wake up to no snow what so ever! But there was something which did make me smile….
I found this on Swissmiss’s blog. This image has made my day, it’s something which is so familiar but has been represented in a truley origanal way and I love this. 
“A few years ago I went to St Moritz in Switzerland. I decided to build a non-conformist snowman. When the art collector who owned the hotel saw it he became very excited that I had created an artwork in the grounds of his hotel. I had to explain that it was not an artwork- it was just a snowman. Its an easy mistake to make.”
David Shrigley creator of the snowman. 

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