The joy of essays

8 Nov

Desktop Butt Station

This is the one thing which has cheered me up 2day, found via yes sad I know, but it made me smile and i’m seriously thinking of getting myself one. 

Still managing to stay at uni, its getting tough now. At the moment I’m trying to do my essay and its sooo hard, they want it to link to our final major if possible, oh and to our paper last year, its a nightmare and I’m struggling to get some good information on my topic of Ethics in Graphic Design I’m just looking at the subject in a broad sense right now, there’s plenty on the history but I’m struggling to find what I want on the current issues and future ect, our library has little selection on ethics, well within design anyway.

I’m just going to have to plod along I think. With relation to the essay in particular it seems to be one road block after the other. Nothing worth doing is easy I’m just going to have to keep motivated and get my arse in gear.




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