What Charlotte learnt from University

17 Nov

Graduates throwing hats by lbsmsp.

I was just watching the Hotel Inspector, yes whilst I should be getting on with something more productive.

Anyway I was watching an old episode with Ruth Watson as the inspector. The B&B was really quirky, a little bit eccentric perhaps. So they invited Alastair Sorbe(not sure if I spelt that right)  to the B&B, he’s an author of a guide book which features B&B’s/Hotels with character.

He spoke briefly about how people can get into his guide book, and why it’s important to him.

Unfortunately I cant remember what he said word for word, but he did mention, that he finds individualism so important as the world is so bland, he mentioned how we are all clones and that when he sees someone using colour and their character it is truly precious.

It really made me think about myself, not just about my Graphics work but other aspects of life, such as how I wont buy an item of clothing if my boyfriend doesn’t like it when I like it, or I may not dye my hair pink because I know I wont get a job with pink hair, and people may look at me differently. Its stupid really and I personally like to think I’m independent and I wear and I do what I like, but quite often I don’t sometimes because its not appropriate, but sometimes because I think what will others think of me?

Pink Hair by richiesoft.

From a Graphic design angle, I’m often told you need to have something different, something which will make you stand out so an employer will pick you. My only answer to that is to be yourself, put your personality into your work, that’s the only way I can see that you can be different. Because everyone different you cant sell a fake you cause in time it will just fall apart.

What am basically saying is, do what you want in your life, don’t get bullied into anything that you don’t want to do. Work how you like to work and don’t change, listen and respect other people’s thoughts and take them on board, don’t act like you know it all. BE HUMBLE, and belive in yourself (I’m finding this one tough) Don’t take anything for granted, dont let anyone treat you like rubbish just cause your a graduate doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated like rubbish. =]

Maybe these thought’s are the only thing I have learnt from uni but even if it is, I’m glad I went to uni. Stay true to yourself and your style, then your work will always have passion behind it, you are you and thats your brand. Don’t change for anyone.


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