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Give me a label

6 Jan

For as long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with labels, clothing labels mainly. Over the past year I have started to collect interesting labels. There all displayed on my notice board, as I was staring at them today I thought why not post my favourites onto this blog? So that’s what I’ve done. I hope you will enjoy looking at them as much as I do. 
pretty-provocative.png“New look” lingerie label pretty-inside.pngblack-button.pngNew look” button sleeve ted-baker.png  Ted baker wash bag label I personally think these small pieces of design are absolutely beautiful, there has been a lot of time invested into the design of these labels, and I personally really appreciate it.  


Ho Ho Ho…

7 Dec

After we put up our Christmas tree we took a few pictures of it, I don’t know why really, we do it every year, they all look the same sort of. So anyway I thought I would take one just to use as my phones background, then I got a little creative taking pictures using my phone. I was really surprised at the amount of beautiful images that could be taken from one object, amazing! I thought I’d post a couple up for you all to see. ball-reflection.png All images taken using a 3mega pixel camera phone. 3-tree-balls.png 

Innocent’s big knit!

30 Nov

I was in Sainsburys today, and as I was looking in the refrigerator section, I looked up and saw a little army of bobble headed Innocent smoothies. They all looked so cute all wrapped up against the cold! So of course I had to buy one; 1. Because of the hat and 2. Because Innocent make great smoothies.innocent-smothies.png 

But on a more serious note, they have been produced not (just?) as a clever marketing campaign, but to help raise money for the charity Age concern. When you buy a smoothie with a cute hat, (which by the way are only available in Sainsburys,) 50p goes straight to Age concern, which in turn, will use the money to help support the elderly against the cold. It’s a really beneficial cause with 25,000 elderly dying from cold related illnesses last year. Their target is to sell 400,00 smoothies, this is equivalent to raising £200,000. Not bad eh?

I think its a lovely idea, the design is really appropriate to the cause. Can I say this is design with some ethics? Ok so Innocent are going to be making money out of this campaign, but it does have a purpose which is not purely selfish. 

Enough of me; I suggest you check out Innocent’s big knit, have a look at “hats of the week” some people have really gone to town with their hats, there are some fab designs featured. There’s also a page on “how to Knit“. Definitely worth a look. 


All images from Innocent and flickr

Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen

29 Nov

Today my dad said to me I should listen to everyone’s free to wear sunscreen, so I put it on expecting it to be some out of date 80’s tune. But I was completely wrong. If you haven’t heard this song before, I strongly recommend that you have a listen. Whatever your doing stop it. Just sit and listen. (Something we all don’t do enough of anymore.)  I know I may get quizzed by my lecturer’s as to why this has anything to do with this course, but to me this is inspirational. It makes me think, it effects my mood. Yes looking at great graphics makes me proud to be in this field, and makes me want to strive to be as good as the designers who produce the work. But sometimes the most unrelated subjects inspire me more than looking at a design book, does this mean I’m going to be a rubbish designer? Is this wrong? If it is, then on this occasion I’m happy to be in the wrong! 

You have mail.

9 Nov

I saw this envelope laying on my dads desk. I think its great! I love it when I see something (whatever it may be) and it makes me stop in my tracks and look at it, it doesnt happen very often, but when it does I think to myself; this is why I’m taking a design course, its exciting!

I love the silhouettes of the figures behind the plastic film of the envlope, because they are encased in a window; it reminds me of a seen at a strip club or something similar mabye, with the models hidden behind a screen with just the silhouettes showing, peep show? Hmm getting a little carried away I think. The plastic is a nice feature, I would defiantly think about including in my magazine design, I like the whole “composition” if I can call it that? It has a minamilist simplistic quality just like I hope to achieve with my magazine.


The letter inside the envelop is about a pension plan, i never would have thought anything even relatively intresting, (design wise) would feature on a pension plan.


7 Nov

Outside the ArnolFini

Today I visited the ArnolFini, one of Europe’s leading Contempary Art galleries in Bristol.

Currently there is an exhibition showing called; Port city, it is running till the 11th of November.
It is based on Bristol’s contempary and historical developments which have been effected by international trade and migration. Port City is an international exibition, which has involved many international artisits as well as work contributed by the people of Bristol.
There are many intresting exibitions showing. I thought i would write a little about one exibition which intrested me the most, “Sweetness” by Meschac Gaba. It’s an imaginary minature landscape, with many well know landmarks including; The Eiffel tower,”The Gherkin,”The Taj Mahal, and The University of Bristol, the Wills building and the Cliffton suspension bridge, has been recently added to this Bristol exhibition.
The whole sene has been created using sugar, one of the most widely traded goods in the world. As the exhibition is created from sugar which is completly green and recyclable, that should cover my reason for including this stimulating exhibition into this blog. Thumbs up!

Sweetness created by Meschac Gaba

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

30 Oct

But its so hard not too!

“The gift” cover shot

I was in Waterstones today, just having a browse in the art section of the store, and almost immediately “The gift” by Lewis Hyde caught my eye. Its a book about the importance of creativity in society today. It was orginally released twenty years ago, but it is just as relevent today. It has a lot of good reviews. So i brought it, cant wait to read it. Now all i have to do is find the time!

I really like this cover created by Pentagram, which is one of my favourite design firms.
I love the layout of the type and i really like the handwriiten type its a nice personal quality too add. This style of simplistic design with plenty of white space will be the style i will eventually produce my magazine in.

A nice piece of eye candy to stubble across on a Monday morning.