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Taxi for Charlotte

14 Nov

Cant believe it’s this time of year already! Hand in time soon(ish) eek!.

I love this time of year though its magical, I’ve allready had a glass of wine whilst listening to some christmas tunes, sad I know. Oh and have decided that I’m going to go on a balloon flight for my 21st unfortunatly I’m going to have to wait till April before they fly again. And also I’m going on a ghost walk the Friday before my birthday so that should be fun too.

With the cold weather upon us I thought it would be appropriate to include these snazzy mittens,  I think there so clever and practical, sourced from:

If only I lived in New York

If only I lived in New York

My works coming along slowly, but I am getting there, I have decided on the theme of Charlotte potatoes for my identity, along with a royal theme, I’ve post the finals when there done in January, hopefully there be done before.

Misses potato head perhaps?

Misses potato head perhaps?



7 Jan



I’ve been given a maximum of 750 words to give a preface to this online blog, which is to include my values, principles and aspirations. Not an easy task. How to summarise this collection of what I’d call personal clutter? I feel a bit like a teenager who’s been told to tidy their room and explain how it got in such a state in the first place. This blog is my online bedroom where I’ve been able to place inspiring, emotive; images, music, and videos. Which are personal to me. Displaying your thoughts an opinion’s to the world is a very liberating but also a scary experience. I defiantly recommend trying it!

I’ve realised through writing this blog, it can be very rewarding to maintain and upkeep, there is something exhilarating about checking to see how many page views your site has received that day, and the thought that someone somewhere has read your latest post, it almost makes you feel famed and distinguished.

Above are some of the perks of the blog (excuse the pun), but to have longitivity with any blog you need to have stimulating content and an adaptability to the reader, weather they are familiar to your subject area or not. I’ve tired to make my blog as user friendly as possible although it is primarily design based, I hope that someone who for instance is not interested in design could still read this blog and be entertained. And although I have mentioned the viewers, it is just as important for the author of the blog to be as entertained and excited to produce the work as the viewer is to view it. Personally I have really enjoyed producing and maintaining this blog. I’ve learnt a lot about myself whilst on this journey. Mainly that I am inspired by almost everything the less design related the better sometimes. This did concern me at first. I thought to myself how can I expect to become a designer, when I find going for a walk along the beach or talking to a stranger more inspiring than looking into a design book. But my worries soon disappeared when I found myself collecting interesting imagery or when I felt envious of beautiful design work. I have realised that everyone is different, for me going travelling, seeing my friends, or painting with my three-year-old niece makes that creative part of my brain start moving. I cant design and think about design all the time, going for a walk is the break I need to get myself thinking again. This blog is a celebration of all the of various items I have came across that have in some way inspired me, not matter how unrelated.


I may wonder away from design sometimes but I do love Graphic design its something, which excites me more than anything else in this world. I love good design and I adore typography. I hope to one day be able to produce great design work, like the amazing work of Sagmeister, Pentagram, Why not Associates, and Alan Fletcher just to name a few iconic Graphic Designers/companies. These people remind me why I want to become a designer. I love seeing a piece of design which makes me jealous such as the innocent smoothie identity or the V&A logo for example, it reminds me of how far away I am from becoming a great designer, it makes me want to produce work to that standard. I know I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn, but hopefully I will get there in the end, to become a great Graphic designer one to be remembered, I want to change the design world just a little, I want to create a more sustainable and ethical design environment, and lastly I wish for a world full of beautiful design.

Ho Ho Ho…

7 Dec

After we put up our Christmas tree we took a few pictures of it, I don’t know why really, we do it every year, they all look the same sort of. So anyway I thought I would take one just to use as my phones background, then I got a little creative taking pictures using my phone. I was really surprised at the amount of beautiful images that could be taken from one object, amazing! I thought I’d post a couple up for you all to see. ball-reflection.png All images taken using a 3mega pixel camera phone. 3-tree-balls.png 

Inner compass 11/10/07

23 Oct

In a lecture a few weeks ago, Adrian (one of our lecturers) told us we had to create ten magazine deisgns, just from old magazines and newspapers, nothing else. It was quiet a fun task, but really hard trying to find images an material which linked together. With the design below i was lucky to find a few magazine articles with nice illustrations, that featured the colours i wanted for my experimental design. I found it really difficult trying to create 10 different designs, i think i was too ridgid in my thinking, and i should have mabye been a little bit more expiremental.
Below is one of my favourite of the designs i created. If i have a chance i might try and create a few more deisgns mabye.