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7 Nov

Outside the ArnolFini

Today I visited the ArnolFini, one of Europe’s leading Contempary Art galleries in Bristol.

Currently there is an exhibition showing called; Port city, it is running till the 11th of November.
It is based on Bristol’s contempary and historical developments which have been effected by international trade and migration. Port City is an international exibition, which has involved many international artisits as well as work contributed by the people of Bristol.
There are many intresting exibitions showing. I thought i would write a little about one exibition which intrested me the most, “Sweetness” by Meschac Gaba. It’s an imaginary minature landscape, with many well know landmarks including; The Eiffel tower,”The Gherkin,”The Taj Mahal, and The University of Bristol, the Wills building and the Cliffton suspension bridge, has been recently added to this Bristol exhibition.
The whole sene has been created using sugar, one of the most widely traded goods in the world. As the exhibition is created from sugar which is completly green and recyclable, that should cover my reason for including this stimulating exhibition into this blog. Thumbs up!

Sweetness created by Meschac Gaba